mememtumTaniwa works together with neurologists to design specific tests to check and detect patient’s state and neurological circuits. These test are validated with both real patients and healthy people to check usability, accuracy and discrimination of the results. If the data supports the validation we start a wider study to grow the database from where to extract more valuable information.

The kind of information they extract is if younger people are more expressive than the older ones and what is normal or out of scale helping us to track patients state or perform presymptomatic detection of neurological problems.

Technology behind mememtum is based on Computer Vision, Data Analysis and Machine Learning algorithms


From left to right, Manuel Fraga (CFO), José Luis Marina (CEO) & Jesús Pancorbo (CTO), founder partners of Taniwa

«The work that Jose Antonio has done as Business Advisor has been pivotal for us. Taniwa is an innovative company in the eHealth industry and so they have participated in different Business Coaching Programmes. Nevertheless, José Antonio has been by far the professional who has helped us the most. He made a team with us. He has known how to listen to us for then support us in two critical tasks: to identify opportunities & improvements in our business; and to define the action plan to address the Market.
After working with him during these months, we are a better company, with better defined products and we have had a lot of fun during the process.»
José Luis Marina
CEO of Taniwa

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