zinkcloudComposite manufacturing process is very challenging and demanding in control. Quality Standards for sectors such as Aeronautics, Wind Mills or Car Manufacturing are very high. Then the management of the non conformities generated during those processes is key to improve the learning of root causes, to reduce time and to save millions of euros per year.

I have worked for ZinkCloud who developed a new Platform to manage customer’s concessions process, reducing the number of concessions returned, improving the Quality KPI’s, reducing the lead times and establishing a just in time procedures that will reduce their stocked parts. Final results are notable improvements on manufacturer’s response time and so the manufacturing capacity.

As many startups trying to make their dent in the industry, Zinkcloud was rich in technical knowledge but was lacking in global strategy that helped us to achieve our goals.

fco mtez ros

Francisco Martinez Ros
CEO of ZinkCloud

«During his collaboration with us, he helped us to increase our management profile, vision for the company and revenue generator driver strategies. This help is highly appreciated by us in Zinkcloud, since the aerospace market is a highly competitive market with really large companies, it is not an easy place for a startup company to be. However, now we feel more confident and empowered by a vision for the company that actually is also market compatible.

We will recommend JAM to everyone starting its own business that might need an experienced and wise voice to guide you in this race full of obstacles.»

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