BioChemicals6 biochemicals

I worked for a company specialized in the Crop Control industry with an innovative Microbials product portfolio. This is a regulated sector, with tough competition from traditional chemical companies, particularly big multinationals. The Global Biocontrol Market exceeds the $2.5bn per year, at a grower level. So the addressable market size for them is massive.

Determining the right strategy to commercialize their innovation and to grow is key for the future of the company.


Working for several SMEs who have developed disruptive methodologies to improve medical treatments in human beings, among them:

  • A niche company making more efficient the drug discovery process through DNA recombinant technology, RNAi & protein interactions
  • A SME contributing to cures for illnesses of genetic origin through the development of a new generation of viral vectors
  • The first company in the world to create a benchtop system that measures oxidative stress in body fluids at the point of care and within minutes to maximize an InVitro Fertilization process.
  • A company joining AI with ECG analysis and diagnosis
  • A SME delivering nove, safe & retractile needles for syringes

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