ADEX has developed a disruptive technology to implement and apply optimized control systems in mission critical industrial processes along different sectors.
Now ADEX is developing the first Adaptive Self Tuning Flight Control System in Aeronautics. It has been awarded by the EU with a Phase 1 H2020 fund. Their Technology has been successfully tested in different environments and they have a huge Market ahead.

«JAM is a competent, active and creative business development engineer and manager. You have to make little effort to push his productivity for your company; he will easily understand your strong points and weaknesses and provide solutions and suggestions for you, without asking. In addition you can rely on him as a person with sound professional and human ethics. He has helped our company as Business Innovation Coach and we have enjoyed very much the time we have spent together.»

Juan Manuel Martin ADEXJuan M. Martin
Chairman of ADEX

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